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Romania - Facts for the Traveler

"Visas: US, Canadian and EU citizens with valid passports have the luxury of being able to visit Romania visa-free for 90 days. All other Western visitors need a visa, obtainable in advance at a Romanian embassy or upon entry to Romania.
Health risks: rabies (Vaccinations should be considered), typhoid (Vaccinations should be considered) "

Oare pentru ca nu am apucat sa ma vaccinez o sa ma imbolnavesc cand ajung acasa?
.. Om trai (sa speram) si om vedea.

"The cost of dining is rising - Romanians can't afford to eat out, so most restaurants are geared to 'rich foreigners'. In Bucharest it's tough to eat for less than US$5 per head, not including alcohol. Eating out is cheaper elsewhere, and a bottle of good Romanian wine can be as little as US$1.50. Seeing a film or play costs about US$1, and entrance fees to museums are about 20 cents. Public transport is dirt cheap by Western standards. US$3 will take you approximately 100km by bus or comfortable express train. Petrol is around 45 cents a litre."

Si aici as mai avea un mic comentariu.. : Benzina creste; a ajuns deja la aproape 1 $ . Deci.. dragi redactori "Lonely planet", actualizati-va continutul.

si inca ceva in care veti recunoaste tarisoara noastra:

"Tipping is not common in Romania, though you should always round up the bill to the nearest 500 lei. Some bartering, but not much, goes on at flea markets. Taxi drivers drive a hard bargain, so always haggle."
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